ISORECEA Privacy Policy

Overview and aims of the policy

1. ISORECEA declares a full commitment to protect and respect privacy of its members in compliance with the Data Protection Act and EU General Data Protection Act (GDPR).

2. The data controller is ISORECEA registered in Croatia with address: Zagreb, 11 Amruševa Street.

3. The policy aims to explain how the personal data of the ISORECEA’s members, provided to the organization via membership form and via using our website, will be used and managed.

4. The ISORECEA general secretary as well as ISORECEA website administrator are responsible for managing the personal data of the ISORECEA’s members.

5. ISORECEA board is responsible for determining the details of how to use and manage its members personal data.

6. The policy may be updated and/or changed by the ISORECEA board. Should this happen, ISORECEA will shortly notify its members about the amendments (up to 30 days).

Type of data collected and purpose of its use

1. ISORECEA holds the following personal date on each member:

- Name
- Surname
- Address provided in the membership form
- E-mail address
- Field of academic interest
- Members selected publications related to religion in Central and Eastern Europe.

2. ISORECEA will use members’ data in order to:

- Communicate and inform its members on the issues related to study religion in Central and Eastern Europe
- Inform its members about academic events and initiatives related to study of religion in Central and Eastern Europe (e.g. information about conferences, call for papers, calls for contributions etc.)
- Communicate with the members about bi-yearly ISORECEA conference
- Distribute and promote information about member’s academic and professional achievements to the wider academic community
- Liaison its members with each other via sharing contacts and exchange of information between them
- Liaison its members, after their approval, with third parties interested in issues related to study religion in Central  and Eastern Europe (e.g. provide contact to mass media, to organizations looking for experts in the field)
- Process membership fees and other payments related to membership and/or to conference participation
- Responding to members inquires.

Storage and management of members personal data

1. ISORECEA will store and use the information acquired from its members as long as:

- a person’s membership lasts, and will destroy it six months after membership expires (unless a former member asks to be kept on the mailing list)
- a member asks for his/her data to be removed.

2. ISORECEA will take all the actions to ensure that the members’ personal data is secured and protected from unauthorized and unlawful access. All personal data is password protected.

3. Each member has a right to ask to erase all information ISORECEA holds on him/her or to withdraw their consent for the use of their personal data.

4. Each member has a right to ask for access to or update information ISORECEA holds on him/her.

5. Should a member wish to exercise a right to erase, access or upadate information ISORECEA holds on him/her, they should contact ISORECEA data administrators: General Secretary and ISORECEA website administrator at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..